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Shradha Facility

Use of Shradha Facility

Contact temple 570-629-7881 or 732-238-1119

SVBF has a special facility to conduct Shradha ceremonies.
#EventLocationContributions to SVBFRemarks
1Hiranya SraddhamOld Temple$51.00
2a) Annual Ceremonies with Homa - Use one priestShraddha Bhavan$101.001st Priest May not eat food
b) Second priest$100.00
c) SVBF cook as Brahmanathmumor bhokta$100.002nd Priest Will eat food
d) Cook will prepare food (limited to 6 persons) $100.00SVBF Cook Will eat food
e) Use charges per day$50.00
f) Clean up charges per day $50.00
3a) First year ceremonies spread over three days - One priest conducting event will not eatShraddha Bhavan$300.00For three days
b) Additional SVBF priest$100.00Each day
c) plus SVBF cook as Brahmanatham or bhokta
$100.00Each day
d) Cook will prepare food; material provided by party
(limited to 6 persons)
$100.00Each day
e) Use Charges per day$50.00
f) Clean up charges per day$50.00Paid to cook
4 Stay at guest house per night to perform event next dayGuest House $ 30.00/per dayFor 2 persons; additional person:$20
NOTE: Our Guest House is only for those people who are scheduled to perform an event at one of SVBF facilities the next day. No exceptions.
*: Since the priest who eats Shraddha food cannot perform priest services at the temple on that day, eating of Shraddha food is limited to only one priest per day and/or the cook. The charges do not include Sambhavana to Priest and Brahmanaartha or bhokta Charges for temple could be either $ 350 or $450 depending on the number of priest used for the ceremony. If the priest performing the event eats, you do not ask the cook to be the bhokta. This does not include the Sambhavana for the priests and cook. General Conditions and Contributions for use of the SVBF Facilities
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May the Grace of Sharadamba and blessings of the Acharya be with you all !

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